Web Design 7 Warning Signs

Web Design 7 Warning Signs

Seven sure signs that you should change your web design and hosting company!

We know it can be difficult to choose who to trust to build, host, maintain and promote your business website. Every web design  SEO company is of course, claiming to be the best of the best!
So we have decided to outline some very bad practises, that will give you a clue as to if you have unwittingly employed one of the less than desirable ones.

1. Have you been provided with the hosting login details for where your web site is hosted?

If not, you could be in big trouble! Some web design companies do not routinely provide these details so they have leverage over you – should you decide to leave them. Should you decide that you’re not happy with their service, they may threaten to delete your web site and try to talk you into believing that you have no choice but to stay with their company for all your web site and hosting needs….

Web Design

At Local Website SEO – we think this approach is a disgrace quite honestly. You, as a client ‘own’ your web design and site and have every right to know details such as your hosting login details in our view.

2.Has your hosting and design company offered you a master back up of your site?

We complete a web design and site for our clients and emails them a master copy routinely for them to keep.

3. Does your hosting and design company provide web site back ups?

They don’t you say? So what will you do if they go bust or if the data center that houses your server burns down?
(See 2) We take weekly backups of your site and we also store a master copy of your web site in an offline vault free of charge for all of our clients. So if the worst should happen our clients can always be back up and running again fast.

4. So you bought your domain from your web company – do you have full control of it?

If you purchase a domain from us you get a private account so you can login and administer your domain as and when you please, at any time.

5. Did you chosen web design company build your site in a brilliant state of the art CMS (content management system) making up-dating and applying changes to your site easy and fast?

If not – why not? Unfortunately, many people are duped by ‘amateur web designer’ who employ cheaply acquired ‘easy to use’ web site building software. These people may be no more skilled than an average Internet savvy 12 year old! The sites these produce are near impossible to apply good SEO to and ‘under the hood’ are often littered with bad code that search engines will shun. No matter how hard you (or anyone else) may work, sites such as these will NEVER attain high search engine ranking.

6. Did your web site building company talk to you about site security, security hardening or legal requirements?

Imagine, you have a fantastic looking and well ranked site online. All seems to be well BUT suddenly you notice your web site has been hacked, Google has banned it and an information box pops up stating your site is dangerous, or you get a threatening email from a bank saying your site is being used as a #Phishing site and you must take it down? Some odd individuals hack web sites for fun. Some extreme political organizations hack sites to deface them and splash their message across instead of your content. Some thieves upload special software and or viruses to websites to infect people’s computers or to enable them to steal your clients credit card information etc. So why has no one talked to you about web site security? At Local Website SEO we take site security very seriously and apply constant updates and security patches to all client sites that we manage. We will also provide you with information that will enable you to keep your site and PC safe, letting you know promptly about any new security threats as the news brakes.

We build fully legal and web compliant websites and inform you promptly about any changes in the law that may affect your web site. Not taking care of the legal side of your business can get you sued and is not something that you ever want to be facing.

7.Are you charged for small

web site design

alterations such as address or phone number changes?

At Local Website SEO, we will make small changes to hosted and managed clients websites monthly – free of charge and without complaint!

General Comments: Poor Service

As you may imagine, we have been made aware off and seen many horror stories since we have been in business.
We have had new clients approach us who are distressed as they’ve encountered severe problems with their former web hosting, design and promotion. Ranging from those who have been charged thousands for what has proven later to be a totally worthless website, to other who have had their sites deleted by a company as they dared to express that they were not happy with the service they were receiving. We have heard tails of business website domain being stolen from business owners and tales of websites or hosting being hacked and businesses loosing profitable websites as a result. We at Local Web Site SEO will endeavour to help such individuals and if you read our remarks above – you’ll know that no such issue will ever occur when using our service. We foster a very different approach compared to these problematic and poorly run web hosting and design companies.

Missions Statement

We at Local Web Site SEO, continue to work hard and strive to maintain our good reputation and our ‘Happy Clients‘, who want to stay with us as they love and value our service.

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