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About our local SEO

Whilst working for various large multi-national IT, SEO, programing and design companies the team met and formed Local Website SEO. We felt that something was lacking for clients in many circumstances. A more personal and unique approach than was on offer to clients was called for.


has been working behind the scenes very successfully in web design and promotion for a band of select clients for many years. We have only recently decide to build and maintain our own website however! The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, we have always had more than enough clients approaching us via word-of-mouth and secondly, we have been far too busy promoting our clients web sites to get around to building our own.


Originally we were a small tight team of just three professional experts working long hours each day to fulfill our clients needs. We have since grown into a much larger team of experts and we are now at last able to make room in our schedule for a few new clients. Our existing clients have also been urging us to put up a company site to showcase our services. Mostly so they had somewhere to point friends and colleagues to visit, so they could boast about our service!

As a company, we prefer to produce high quality work for a small number of selected clients. We all agree that we want to maintain our companies ‘friendly family feel’, with attention to details and to maintain both our excellent services and standards.

We firmly believe in putting our clients in control of their property (business websites), providing value for money and awesome service and support. We will never confuse you with jargon or insist that you just ‘take our word for it or cross your fingers’ and hope that we are working hard on your behalf. We explain to our clients what action we recommend, why and also proof of SEO work completed along with easy to understand checking methods that enable clients, to check quickly and easily that we have in fact, completed the work we have undertaken!

Although many professionals may be working on various aspects of your site at any one time, you will only ever have the one solid and reliable point of contact, Dee. She is the overall business owner, she works on your sites and also oversees expert team members contributions, who may  be drafted in to assist with elements of your web site build or makeover.

Business web site building and promotion is an art form. We have over 15 years experience in advertising, design and website promotion. We at the Local Website SEO, specialize in developing professional business websites at affordable prices.

Dee will always keep you abreast of progress, provide you with vital information and will be your single and reliable point of contact at all times. Our promise to you is that we will never blind you with science and will always ensure that you understand every aspect of your order right up to completion and beyond. Click Here To Contact Us for a no obligation quote.