Childrens Playhouse Company Website Makeover

Childrens Playhouse Company Website Makeover

Website Makeover

Sarah came to us as although she felt her site was ‘OK’, it wasn’t performing in the search engines. We performed an in-depth keyword and market research analysis and we found the problems.  A whole new CMS (content management system) was installed and we re-designed the website in close consultation with Sarah. We applied full SEO and gave extensive free marketing advise also.

This is what the Children’s Playhouse Company website used to look like before we got to work on it and gave it a website makeover!

Old company site improved with redesign

The improvements are self evident. With a new CMS, navigation, correct keywords, SEO and lots of added functionality, the new site is set to soar through the search engines. The Children’s Playhouse Company are thrilled with the results of their website makeover and said:

“I did not realise how much I needed the help and advice of Dee from SEO.  I thought I was doing okay with the website I had – I was very much mistaken.  They were great, worked round the clock and the outcome was I have a fantastic website and I have been given great marketing help and expert advice and most importantly advice that I felt I could trust.  I would like to say thank you to you and your team for all your hard work and the help you gave to the Children’s Playhouse Company. I love the

website makeover

We are delighted to have helped. We love to work with companies who make quality British products.
We enjoy a good

website makeover!

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