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What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a Web site. A content management system is a tool that helps you manage the creation and updates to web pages on your web site. Used by many  companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to smaller companies you can verify this by digging into their web site architectures. At Local Website SEO we can produce websites made in many different


, however we love to use WordPress for our clients websites over and above any other CMS system or old fashioned static HTML page website. WordPress is always dynamic, fresh and the coding is kept up to date and fully functioning and compliant by the WordPress developers.

So why use WordPress as your


In 2009 WordPress won the best Open Source Content Management System Award!
WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both extremely versatile and used on millions of the worlds top web sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.
WordPress started as just a humble blogging systems, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes, WordPress is limited only by your imagination and technical abilities. A good developer can extend WordPress potential to limitless heights to become the ultimate content management system.

So why is WordPress a the best choice?

WordPress is a software that follows all the Web Standards and is constantly updated to keep it secure and it keeps your website compliant to all the rules that have to be followed when running a website.

Search Engines have to be definitely kept in mind when building a website. WordPress uses different functions which allow it to be both versatile and search engine friendly. For example sending pings to other sites, making categories, tagging your posts, use of h1/h2 tags, and RSS feeds etc. Google loves WordPress too- a fact that should not be ignored!

So, you see the benefits of using WordPress now?

WordPress – an amazingly powerful content management system

It has a lot of power under the hood for any business looking for the perfect platform to manage their web site. With a few tweaks it can be used to run your website, with or without a “blog.” The fact that WordPress was designed as a blogging platform gives it some compelling advantages over other Content Management Systems.

It is easier to optimize for easily publishing and changing content. And getting good search engine rankings requires fresh, unique content. You need a system that does not get in your way when you want to update your website with a new content on a regular basis.

Top Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Small Business Website

1. SEO – WordPress provides good search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box which we as developers can extend further. There are a few tweaks we need to make, but there are many SEO benefits that WordPress provides for straight out of the box. In fact Google’s own Matt Cutts says WordPress is ‘made to do SEO well’.
2. Extensions – There is a thriving ecosystem of developers creating themes and plug-ins – superb code, the ability to extend your website with polls, contact forms, ratings and unlike some limited CMS systems, it can have hundreds of other cool features and functions added.
3. Support and Open Source – WordPress is well supported by it’s developers. Some months updates are applied 4-5 times to keep WordPress both safe, search engine friendly and compliant.

Any decent web developer such as Local Website SEO can freely see and access Word Press underlying code and functions and customise any part of it to to suit their clients needs.

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