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Why use a Local Website SEO?

Many businesses do in fact design their own websites (or have a willing friend, capable student or mildly techy relative do so). Some of them may not look half bad either!  As they say however ‘a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing’. Our experience has shown us that most people simply do not have the available time or expertise to make a good job of building a decent and effective business web site. They are usually far too busy running their business to give their website the attention it deserves and will not have the expertise to make a good job of the ‘under the hood stuff’, or even know how to optimise the site for search engines. Many people will get an amateur site on line and then tell you proudly that they have a site and hosting but that it does nothing for their particular business and is more trouble than it is worth. More often than not, they are absolutely correct! Getting a website online that looks acceptable is simply not enough. It’s similar to having a car without an engine. And just like a car, it is the engineering under the hood that makes all the difference to the performance. Even finding good reliable web hosting can be a minefield in itself. Many customers who come to us for a site makeover bemoan “if only we had known about you before and more about websites and on line promotion”. The truth is, sometimes in business you have to accept that you can’t do everything yourself and remain profitable. At times, every successful business person realises that they must consult a professional at times and use their expertise and services such as: An accountant, A Solicitor or a Web Design And Promotion Company like Local Website SEO.

We don’t know if we can afford to have you to design our website and provide on line promotion?

Because every client is unique, it is impossible for us to publish set prices; it simply isn’t be viable. We do however have a reputation for producing top quality work at a fraction of the charges most web companies charge. We know because we are constantly “recommended” customers by existing clients! If you want an estimate call us. We’ll be more that happy to discuss our services with you. Our question to you is “Can you afford not too?”

What we can tell you here as a rough guide to help you is that our most basic service comprising of a professional business website, built within a state of the art CMS, all legal necessities in place, a site map, free domain and site RSS feed with your content placed upon it, featuring a great design and fully optimised for search engine is available at a low cost of just £500. We also offer; fully managed  state of the art website hosting and maintenance service as well as a whole host of other search engine optimization deals and traffic generation services, as well as online security services. We also boast individual client service that we believe is second to none.

Do you design copy for newspapper/magazine ads and off line directories?

To put it plainly, no we don’t! We feel that this form of advertising is pretty much dead and redundant and not longer useful or effective for small and medium sized businesses and yet it remains enormously costly. If you have obtained a logo design from us we will however free of charge provide you with a fully compatible print version of your logo for this use or for any purpose including business cards and stationery. We recommend that you make it part of your conditions of placing any print ad that the publication designs the ad for you free of charge. We also recommend that you do not spend fortunes getting business cards or stationery printed. Contact us and we can recommend several low cost, high quality companies that we are in no way affiliated with that will arrange these products for you at a fraction of the cost you will find elsewhere. We believe you should put your business budget to better use than wasting money on high priced print items!