Logo And Business Branding

Logo And Business Branding

Business Logo Branding

A well designed business logo branding not only will blow you away visually, there are many other major benefits for employing one:

Business logo branding is one of the easiest ways to promote your brand. Employing your own logo is the easiest visual difference from your competitors, dramatically boosting your uniqueness and asserting your brand. You are free to use any

Business logo branding

made for you by Local Website SEO to add to your stationery and or business cards. We will provide you with a free copy of your logo in print format just for this very purpose. Just think about the massive burger chain and their golden arches, and giant capital letter logo (who shall remain nameless) or a certain Mr Branson who’s business incorporates music and travel these days? I just bet you can visualize right away the branding and logo both of these huge businesses employ?

What’s your business logo branding all about?

Technology – then make it look techy, Estate Agent – Have a unique property style logo created, Humor – have a funny logo then! As the saying goes…Keep It Simple, Stupid! Simple design often offer the best visual impact.

Use specific colors. Some combos are more powerful than others. Complementary colors are cool: Green + Red, Violet + Yellow, Orange + Blue Contrast is always strong: Black + Yellow, Black + White, Black + Red, Black + Orange are great combos too. Bare in mind that Black, White and Red provide maximum graphic contrast and will really ‘Pop’ visually. Choosing matching web site or even contrasting colors for your logo, is something of a personal choice and something that you will need to consider. There is no fixed size that your logo needs to be. It depends entirely up to you and your business web site design.

Site logos tend to be around 200 pixels (give or take) wide and 50 to 100 odd pixels high. But that is merely a matter of personal taste; your logo can be whatever size you wish it to be. Take into consideration however, that massive graphics can slow down your business web site page loading times which is not a good thing for your visitors and that it may be best to go with a some what conservative sized logo in most cases. You can view some sample logo’s Here

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