Mystic Solution

Mystic Solution

Industry: Mystic Gifts And Services.

Overview: This site was originally developed by another designer. The owner wanted the site to have more functionality, and a more modern feel. Quite simply, the business had outgrown the site!

Details: The owner wanted a more dynamic fully functional site with a more modern feel. The owner also required a solution that enabled her to place news updates on the site herself, better navigation and a whole lot of user interactive solutions applied!

Solution: We consulted with the clients about styles and taste in colours and quizzed her as to what functionality was required from the site. We ended up installing and training the clients on a CMS so she could upload her own news and articles, we installed a dedicated shop with checkout and credit card capabilities, applied a suitable design and layout, installed tidy top drop down navigation, slide shows, revolving product ads and about 24 clients interactive games! It turned into a very big project and the clients has been most pleased with the results as her site shot up from ‘zero’ to and is holding at PR (PAGE RANK) three. We apply any script updates required by the client and are responsible for site security and updates on an ongoing basis.


Old Site Design


New Mystic Site

Mystic Shop View…

Mystic Shop View

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