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Online Marketing and SEO

We Offer Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing And SEO

Backlinks, Organic Search Results, Website Traffic, High Local Search Engine Listings.

Internet savvy people will tell you that it is not possible to guarantee you the top 10 rankings on Google as many companies will boast. That is correct. No one can guarantee top 10 rankings except for Google’s engineers. However, we have had great success in obtain top listings for our clients time and time again.

We know that if you have a ‘Shoe Shop’ in Surrey, that you don’t necessarily want to take over the world or the global search engines! For you and your business, there may be little point in being at the top of a search engine globally for ‘Surrey Shoes’, if you only sell shoes off line in Surrey, UK. However being at the top of the search engines for the local SE’s for ‘Shoes Surrey’, (plus other relevant keywords that have been chosen to be the most suitable for your business) could increase your clients and sales ten fold and in a short space of time too with the right marketing and SEO applied.

Our search engine optimization service is based on totally organic natural listings; not ultra expensive pay-per-click or pay for traffic schemes. We use ethical and proven marketing and SEO methods and specialist techniques. Our proprietary techniques have never resulted in adverse search engine ranking effects for our clients.

Every business is unique and without knowing a little about your business it is impossible to generally state what action is needed to take you and your business to the top of the results and state generically exactly what actions will achieve the best results in every circumstance. We can however analyze your business and goals and offer you the appropriate services to achieve stunning results for you.


Some of our competitors guarantee to provide you with top-three search engine. Although Bing And Yahoo may also be important, they account for only about 30% of searches carried out on line. Why pay go after 30% when 70% is even better! How many times in popular culture or when over hearing conversation have you heard people say they will ‘Google that info/fact’? Now, count how many times you have heard people state that they are going to Yahoo or Bing some information? Simply put, Google is King of the search engines!

We offer services for businesses of all sizes and industries. Local web site SEO, can offer the best possible package to meet your needs. We put our focus on getting the best search-based leads at the most affordable price, making Local Website SEO a market leader. and fantastic value in SEO services and traffic generation for your business.

Comprehensive Package Example

Three hours keyword research, Optimisation of up to 7 pages on site, Google site map submission, Google Local Business Centre entry, Key phrase performance tracking, Submission of site to major and many minor search engines. Prices start from £180 for