Plumbers Business Up 30 percent

Plumbers Business Up 30 percent

Industry: Plumbing

Overview: A local plumber rang us recently stating that he didn’t think he needed a web site, but trade had been slow and his better (smarter) other half had been nagging him to get one! He made it clear that he wasn’t terribly interested in having a site at all!

Details: We asked him for some business details expecting to have them emailed to us….when a letter arrived containing several scrap pieces of paper with various notes on them.

Solution: We had little by way of brief .  The clients had paid a deposit and told us “do whatever you think….” so we did. We were surprised at his delight when he saw his site after his previous disinterest. He clicked about on it for ages and confirmed to us that he thought it was “good enough”. He also added “yes, it’s great but doubt it will do me a blind bit off good”. Two weeks later we got a very excited call from him telling us that a contractor had found his site and he had landed a rather big job because of his business web site! He is now a regular client employing us to do SEO for his business site on a monthly basis. He has confirmed that his business has been ‘up’ by 30% every month since.

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