Review And Article Site

Review And Article Site

Industry: Authors, News And Information.

Overview: A clients approached us requiring a very specific type of CMS to enable them to display vast amounts on information. In fact they required over 500 categories and sub-categories.

Details: The clients required a clean Web2 design, with the ability to vet and include user submitted content on a large scale. They had attempted doing so before but found that every script they tried got them booted off their hosting as all the scripts we archaic and unable to cope with the thousands of visitors and users per day, bringing there hosting down with the heavy demands that were being placed upon it.

Solution: In consultation with the clients we further ascertained that they need advertising space to create an income. So we set about finding them the very best CMS for the task and modified it to their needs. We also asked them about their wish list and found that as well as being resource light on hosting and user friendly, they wanted to display the latest user submitted content on the home page daily, an RSS feed to aid promotion and a great editor under the hood for use, and some interactive user tools.  According to the client we exceeded their expectations and more.  We were very careful to ensure that their was was lite on the web hosting, despite it’s functionality and traffic. They have since reported that they are making a steadily rising passive income from on site adds and they have had no problems at all since with their web site or hosting. In fact, they have recently moved their web site to our hosting also and engaged us to maintain and secure their site for them too. This little site looks very simple on the face of it but it managed to cause the owners all sorts of problems before we took it on!

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