Web Hosting Provider

Web Hosting Provider

Great Business Web Hosting

At Local Website SEO, we know that you may as well howl at the moon sometimes, waste your time searching for fully featured, well supported and reliable business web hosting! We are based in Surrey and offer Business web site design and hosting services.

We provide web hosting services. We’re based in the UK and our web hosting is fully featured and supported. We choose lightening fast Unix servers (we do not deal with windows servers). Our fully supported and fully accessible to customer, C-panel hosting is also green and our servers actually generate more energy than they expend which is fed back into the grid for domestic use.
Our web hosting starts at just £120 per year. It is fully supported and monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. We also offer free security advice to keep you site safe and sound from hack attempts. (That is just £10 per month!) A small price to pay for a quality, reliable service. We are also a licensed domain retailor and can supply domain names at a low cost.

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Whether you’re a business or individual, we can help you get a website online.

All customer who purchase a new website build from us (a web site of any size), receive free web hosting for one year!

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